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Quick Suggest Macros for JIRA
Version 1.0

For beginner and advanced users of Atlassian JIRA

The Quick Suggest Macro Plugin is an add-on for your existing JIRA server that adds new content formatting macros, and autocomplete capabilities for all macros, increasing efficiency, and allowing for richer JIRA issues.

No special knowledge or experience with JIRA Macros is needed.

Even non-technical users will be able to insert macros into JIRA issues easily, and create richer issue descriptions, and comments, without having to remember which macros exist, their syntax, or how to use the various options for each macro.

Autocomplete Demo Video
Add macros quickly with the use of the new Autocomplete feature

Easily create rich JIRA Issues:

Easy (and quick) to Install

No configuration necessary to get started. Simply install the plugin, and you're ready to go.

Using Atlassian's marketplace system, a JIRA administrator can install the Quick Suggest Macros Plugin without ever leaving the web browser.

ALL JIRA versions from 6.3 forward are supported!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is this add-on?

This is an add-on for JIRA that adds several new macros for more advanced issue links, icons, status badges, and announcement messages, as well as a new convenient auto-complete feature for all macros.

The new issue links allow you to link to JIRA Issues with more detail, and show additional information like assignee, priority, status, ..etc in the Issue Link.

With the new Autocomplete feature, you no longer have to remember all the macros and their various options, making it really easy to add a macro to comments and issue summaries.

Why would I want to use these macros or autocomplete in my JIRA?

JIRA can be complicated and daunting -- especially for non-developers. Remembering all the various macros that exist and the options they have can be overwhelming and time consuming.
JIRA users want this add-on so they can create detailed issues more easily and more efficiently.

How does Quick Suggest Macros Plugin and JIRA work together?

The Quick Suggest Macros Plugin exposes several new macros that follow the existing JIRA Markup notation of using curly braces ({noformat}, {panel}, ..etc).
Additionally, any JIRA Issue field that uses the JIRA Wiki Renderer (like Summary and Comments for example), will automatically show our autocomplete dialog when type an opening curly ({) brace, or move the cursor onto an existing macro!

Developer question: How is data for the macros stored?

The macros live inline of your issues, as part of the regular JIRA content. They are automatically resolved when the issue renders.
This also means they are automatically part of your backup strategy (you have a backup strategy, right??).

Does it take long to install?

No. With Atlassian Marketplace, you can install the add-on from inside of your JIRA server using your browser. You don't have to go to the server command line to copy files or configure XML files.

I don't know JIRA Markup language -- will that be an issue?

Not at all.
The autocomplete feature makes it easy to discover macros and use them without the need to have to learn complicated markup upfront, or look at the documentation every time.

Is this safe? Will it cause trouble?

It is a safe and well tested plugin.

We test this on large JIRA instances with over 30,000 Issues, some of which have over a hundred comments, or descriptions that span multiple pages.

What will my JIRA look like after it is installed? Or how can I tell it's working?

When creating or editing an Issue, you will see a new help icon specifically for the new macros, like this:

Macros Help Icon
The new Help icon specifically for advanced macros

Additionally, when you type a curly brace in the text field, you will see the autocomplete dialog popup, like this:
Macros Autocomplete Sample
Sample autocomplete dialog

How do I buy this add-on?

Buy the Quick Suggest Macros Plugin on the Atlassian Marketplace using your Atlassian account -- the same place where you manage your JIRA license today.

Click here for a 30 day trial of the Quick Suggest Macros Plugin.

Click here to buy the Quick Suggest Macros Plugin.

What payment methods are accepted?

Atlassian Marketplace accepts MasterCard, Visa and American Express. You may also pay with bank transfer or mailed check.

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