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Quick Suggest Macros for JIRA
Version 1.0

E-Mail Support

If you need help with the Quick Suggest Macros Plugin for JIRA, please e-mail us: support@tss.io

Please include the "Support Zip" that JIRA produces for diagnosing issues.

You can produce the "Support Zip" by accessing

and clicking on the Support Zip tab.

this article provides more detailed steps on how to obtain the support zip file.

If the support zip is larger than 15 MB (too large to receive by email) - contact us: support@tss.io and we will provide a secure location to upload the support zip.

Installation Guide

For installation steps, take a look at the install steps in our documentation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is this add-on?

This is an add-on for JIRA that adds several new macros for more advanced issue links, icons, status badges, and announcement messages, as well as a new convenient auto-complete feature for all macros.

The new issue links allow you to link to JIRA Issues with more detail, and show additional information like assignee, priority, status, ..etc in the Issue Link.

With the new Autocomplete feature, you no longer have to remember all the macros and their various options, making it really easy to add a macro to comments and issue summaries.

Why would I want to use these new macros?

In general, the macros allow you to create more detailed and rich JIRA Issues. Something especially useful for larger and more complicated Issues, or Stories and Epics.

Although JIRA already ships with a few existing macros for things like {noformat}, {panel}, {code}, and {quotes}, and makes it easy to reference an existing issue via bracket notation ([ABC-1]), it's typically not detailed enough.

The heart of the plugin is the new autocomplete feature. Macros can be added much more quickly and efficiently. It provides autocomplete for all macro options, as well as easy lookup of issues keys.
The new issue links allows you to communicate much more clearly about the state of individual issues, as well as easily include entire lists or tables of issues based on existing filters.
Take a look at our documentation for a more detailed overview of the various capabilities.

Does it take long to install?

No. Installation is super-simple.
With Atlassian Marketplace, you can install the add-on from inside of your JIRA server using your browser. You don't have to go to the server command line to copy files or configure XML files.
There is no configuration necessary. It simply works once installed.

I don't know the JIRA Wiki Markup Language - what will I need to know to use this add-on?

Absolutely nothing!
This plugin is ideal for beginners and advanced JIRA users alike. If you don't know the Wiki Markup Language, the autocomplete feature has you covered. It will automatically present you with the available macros, and their options. You simply select what you want, and the plugin will insert it for you.

Is this safe? Will it cause trouble?

It is a safe and well tested add-on.

We test this add-on on large JIRA instances with hundreds of projects, and users.
If you have specific concerns or questions, send us a note at support@tss.io and we will gladly work with you directly.

What will my JIRA look like after the add-on is installed?

Any field that uses the JIRA Wiki Markup Renderer (typcially the issue summary and comments), will receive a new help icon when editing, (@TODO: add sample icon/image here).
Besides that, there are no other visual changes.
The magic happens when you begin typing and trigger the autocomplete dialog. Then you will see a new popup with available options.

Can I use this add-on with my JIRA OnDemand Instance?

The simple answer: Unfortunately no.

The more complicated answer:
JIRA OnDemand does not allow access to the rendering logic of the issue, or for any custom Javascript to run in the Issue screen itself, preventing us from making this plugin compatible.
Rest assured however, we will be working on OnDemand compatability the moment JIRA OnDemand provides the missing functionality.

How do I buy this add-on?

Buy the Quick Suggest Macros Plugin on the Atlassian Marketplace using your Atlassian account -- the same place where you manage your JIRA license today.

30 Day Trial of Quick Suggest Macros Plugin   Buy Quick Suggest Macros Plugin

What payment methods are accepted?

Atlassian Marketplace accepts MasterCard, Visa and American Express.
You may also pay with bank transfer or mailed check.